Hi, I am Ashlan Layton.

For years, I've had a passion for photography. I've always loved to pick up a camera and take a few pictures, whether it was just to take a silly picture of a pet or to pose a friend for an Instagram worthy shot. ​What I didn't know was how happy a perfectly timed shot could make someone. Pictures can mean a thousand words and some can hold just as many emotions: this is what I want to capture in every session.

I specialize in three main categories of photography; seniors, family, and all things couple. I love spending the allotted time with my seniors getting to know them and making our sessions feel more like a documented hang out than a stick to the script portrait session. The more fun you're having, the more you see their personality in the pictures, that's what you'll enjoy more than the run of the mill poses.


This same strategy goes into my couple and family shoots. BE YOU! Couples, just pretend that I'm invisible and just tagging along on one of your dates. And Families, Nobody likes taking pictures, especially children, make the session fun and you'll get those genuine smiles out of your child who would usually give the camera a fake smile or just flat out cry.



“Planning your first professional photoshoot is a big deal, especially if you are a girl who adores having their picture taken. I was beyond thrilled to work with Ashlan and my best friends to not only take beautiful photos but to capture amazing memories of life with my girls! She made me feel so comfortable and confident in front of the camera. During our shoot we spent around 2 hours goofing and laughing while trying to get the coolest shots. She really knows how to make your session feel personal.”